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Great accommodation and excellent bike shop!

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We love Portland … it is just gorgeous!

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Here is our video from Hawaii: Helmets are optional for all two wheeled vehicles … bicycles, mopeds and motorcycles. There were also an awful lot of mobility vehicles about … you can even rent them for your stay. I suggested that the Husband and I rented a couple just for the full Hawaiian experience but […]

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19th March More luck this morning with finding cycle infrastructure in Sydney. We found separated cycleways on 3 different streets but for some reason, they stopped short of the main drag. They were very nice protected cycleways and far superior than what I’ve seen on-road in Auckland. BUT (there had to be a ‘but’) I’m […]


17th March, 2014 Our first stop on the trip was staying with friends in Melbourne because I anticipated that I, at least, would need some space to recover from getting away from NZ with the Husband and luggage intact and the apartment and Daughters correctly set up. I was not wrong! The last few days […]