June 24, 2012

Exercising on purpose

Today I exercised on purpose. This is not a common occurrence. As a fully fledged cyclopolitan, I receive my exercise accidentally as I cycle from A to B.

However, today I went with my daughter to a ‘body beautiful’ exercise class …. unfortunately, I don’t think I achieved superior beauty during the one hour class and considered asking for my money back! But it was fun and, who knows, I may go again … perhaps the beauty thing takes a while to kick in.

Anyway, the point of this post is that two of the exercises were named after car driving activities – ‘driving the car’ and ‘feeding the kids in the back of the car’. As I was contorted into unusual and abnormal positions, I had time to think about how car-centric this was and also whether these exercises are named thus in places like Amsterdam and Copenhagen. There were no bicycle-named exercises and I was hopeless at the car exercises. I will be renaming these exercises for future classes and then perhaps I will be better at them!

Does our car-centric society know no bounds?

When car driving even enters an exercise class on a quiet Sunday morning, you know thinks have really gone too far!

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