Having browsed a few travel books recently, my imagination has been captured not by any of the cycle touring books but instead by The Lord of the Rings. Being a New Zealander (I have the passport to prove it), I feel that this allegiance is quite apt and therefore Frodo and company shall be my mews for ‘The Trip’. I have often thought that they would have made quicker progress on their journey if they had used bicycles … but perhaps hobbits are not cyclists by nature.

I like the fact that frodo was uncertain about his impending adventure, a little trepidatious (I don’t think this word exists … but it should) but still feisty enough to give it a go. And of course no one can fault the hobbit habit of partaking of second breakfast. I think this shall be instigated as a core principle of the trip – ‘always make time for second breakfast’.

I also feel like kindred spirits in that the hobbits had a vague idea of where they were going but not a clear picture of the route. I have a very poor sense of direction so this will undoubtably be me. They were also plagued by the wraith, demon creatures that flew along the roads endangering the hobbits lives – one could draw a parallel with traffic here. Actually, I am going to mix my bad guys and suggest that cars are more like dementors (Harry Potter) as dementors suck joy from the atmosphere as well as endangering your life … but perhaps I am getting a little deep and morose here.

I have felt a connection with hobbits ever since I found out that hobbits are English people of little imagination. The connection is more to do with the ‘English’ part, rather than the ‘imagination’ part, as I like to think that my imagination is well up to spec. I also have hobbit-like feet … minus the hairs. I got to the ‘feet queue’ fairly late and all the elegant feet had been handed out, leaving only the wide serviceable kind.

We don’t really have a quest though, in the way that the hobbits did, and I’m wondering if we should. Perhaps something will occur to us as time goes on. I’m quite open to buying a heavy gold ring and hanging it around my neck … but somehow I feel that the business case required by the Husband for this purchase would be on fairly shaky ground – “I need a large expensive gold ring so that I can mimic some mythical creatures taking an enchanted ring to a pretend place called Mt. Doom….” you can see my point?

I’m quite looking forward to meeting French ‘orcs’, Dutch ‘elves’, German ‘trolls’ and Spanish ‘dwarfs’, and uncovering our own Lothlorien or Rivendell … perhaps in the Black Forest … followed by black forest gateaux for second breakfast?

This trip is shaping up nicely.

(image from here)

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  1. Great to hear how the plans progress. Seeing the Brompton order form made me want to order another but luckily don’t have the attention span and anyway will wait for the eBrompton out next year. Was transfixed by the guy who ‘washes’ with a water proof sock! Don’t want to think about what happens under his tights- which never come off apparently. You’ll be much better off with your pearls etc.
    Any time you want another try just let me know…………..


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