I’ve not really had much time to think about the Trip this week because a few ducks that have been swimming about just out of reach have recently formed a nice neat row and taken flight. This makes it sound like the ducks organised themselves but of course this was not the case and the current alignment took a fair bit of project management (a fancy term for nagging). The ducks I am referring to are:

  • the intensive CELTA (teaching English as a foreign language) course that I start tomorrow and which runs for four INTENSIVE weeks,
  • my new job, which I start immediately after finishing the course,
  • and finally, but not least, getting my bathroom painted and ventilation installed before my life goes on steroids as I attack the first two items.

This week has been challenging and I have uncovered a few ‘take home messages’, which include:

  • As soon as you find a job, other job offers materialise in a veritable downpour of options making life complex and emotionally fraught;
  • Finding a painter that actually exists (you know this because they call you back) and is a real carbon life form (you know this because they actually turn up) and can paint (you know this because they actually have some AND put it on your walls) is nothing less than a miracle;
  • Twelve hours before your course starts is not too late for the painting to be finished, and it still satisfies the statement ‘I will get the bathroom sorted while I’m off work’;
  • Homework is still unpleasant when you’re a grown up. But on the plus side, your old school satchel is now ineffably cool and you can bet that no one else will turn up to class with a vintage satchel from ‘England, World, Universe’.



The intensive course will probably mean that I won’t have time to write a post for the next few weeks. Instead, I’ll be writing essays. I suppose I could post those but I’m not sure how entertaining they’ll be to read. Perhaps I will post the highlights … if there are any! I do have to write some ‘reflection’ pieces so that could unearth a gem or two.

Once I’ve finished the course, I start my new job as a Learning Technology Specialist. It all sounds very interesting but has also thrown me a curved ball. During my job hunt I very specifically searched on ‘Auckland Central’. I am a central city type of person. Having once worked on an industrial estate in the middle of nowhere many years ago, I clearly identified a couple of ‘must haves’ for any future employment – central city and smart offices. My job searches on Seek interestingly turned up a few wild cards and revealed that Massey University … in Albany, considers themselves to be ‘central city’. Similarly, an establishment in Christchurch (can you believe) is also under that illusion, and to top it off even an organisation in Saudi Arabia believes themselves to be just shy of Auckland CBD … now that’s one hell of a bus journey if you ask me. I did a search on the Auckland Transport MAXX website to see what number bus took that route but nothing turned up (surprise!).

Well my new job HAD both these requirement when I went to the interviews, central city – tick, smart offices – tick. However once I was hooked, it transpired that they were moving to the North Shore (so I can’t cycle) … to a box … on an industrial estate. AAAARGH! Truth be told, it is only just over the Harbour Bridge and the ‘box’ is quite smart, and it is not really a very ‘industrial’ estate … so we shall see.

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