19th March

More luck this morning with finding cycle infrastructure in Sydney. We found separated cycleways on 3 different streets but for some reason, they stopped short of the main drag. They were very nice protected cycleways and far superior than what I’ve seen on-road in Auckland. BUT (there had to be a ‘but’) I’m not sure how useful they are given that I am particularly attuned to cycle ‘stuff’ and I couldn’t find anything the day before, nor could any locals I spoke to advise me where to find it, and in the end it took a Google search and a helpful comment by Emilio on this blog to track any down. The problem seems to be connectivity of course. A cycleway can be as beautiful as you like but if it only exists in one isolated place and it is marooned by busy roads, it isn’t going to work. So … nice effort Sydney … but not nearly enough to make a difference.

Unsurprisingly, the cycleways we saw were practically empty. We did see on couple on what looked like hire bikes, walking the bikes onto the cycleway, riding to the end of it then walking the bikes to the next cycleway to hop on again … observed behaviour is often very different than what the planners had in mind and often a very honest comment on the reality.

Anyway, after standing at the entrance to the train station with a sign in an unsuccessful attempt at selling the remaining travel on our weekly Multipass, we gave up before we were accosted by security and waved goodbye to the alcoholic goodies we had planned to buy with the profits. We’re now at the airport waiting for our overnight flight to Honolulu where I am hoping to encounter beautiful cruisers ridden by beautiful (photogenic) people.

We had hoped to buy a cup of tea at the airport but the Husband has ‘lost’ the remaining change that we saved for the purpose 😦

The up-side is there is free booze on the plane:-)

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