We have finished the ‘getting to Europe’ part of the Trip and are currently catching-up with family and friends. Consequently, we have been spending a large amount of time talking and eating with little time left over for writing on this website … so here’s a brief update.

The big news is that we have picked up the Bromptons so at long last we have been able to test all of the equipment together. The Bromptons are fabulous, the electric adaptation is brilliant, and the trailers are trailing perfectly … so the ‘rig’ is working just as planned and we are very pleased with the result. We had a few teething problems with the electric setup but the people at Nano Electric Bikes have been awesome and have bent over backwards to sort them out. I will post a video shortly showing the collection of our beautiful cyclopolitan machines. The only down side that I have discovered is that now we have a lot of stuff, which is quite bulky and heavy, and I am quite feeble … for now. However, I anticipate that I will develop some pretty impressive muscles in various places to cope with the new riggers of our ‘cyclopolitan on tour’ lifestyle. The muscles I have at the moment only really qualify me to sit behind a desk and type things like this … and badly it seems … I must apologies for the typo in the Hawaii video title. Daughter No.1 informs me that this is one of many so I’m sure you’re used to deciphering the ‘idiosyncrasies’ in my writing by now. Apparently ‘3nd’ is not a thing … who knew!

You’ll be glad to know that we have not killed each other yet … although it has been a close run thing at times. We are still working through the teething problems but on the whole, things are going ok and we are picking up new skills along the way …

The Husband is learning how not to lose things because this has been a theme so far on the Trip. The tally so far is:

  • some money during airport security
  • a map with important points, such as the location of our accommodation, marked on it
  • our USB cable that charges 3 different devices

Consequently, I have been giving him lessons on organising (army-style, stand by your beds and all that) and retaining his belongings because at this rate we will be travelling very light indeed in a few months!

I have am working on not getting irritated when various items ‘wander off’ never to be seen again, and also how to reduce my belongings because they just won’t fit in the space available. I’m sure you can see a certain yin and yang to this problem … plan A is to give my excess belongings to the Husband to carry. This is a good idea all round as he is stronger than me, has more room in his bags (I can’t figure out why) and will probably lose them anyway, which provides a long term solution. Plan B, which I’m struggling with at the moment, is to rationally strip down my stuff to the essentials … this isn’t going so well as I recently bought a new dress … which was ‘essential’ when I saw it in the shop window!

In a couple of days, we are heading off north with the full rig and luggage to camp in the Peak District. This will most definitely sort the men from the boys and give a good indication of whether we are completely barmy or just a little bit mad for giving this a go. The fully laden ride between Uttoxeter and Rugeley went well but now we have to attempt getting it all on a train. The UK rail system is a historic beast, people have been getting around on trains in Britain for a very long time. The up-side is that the rail system is extensive and we have been bombing all over the country on it, the down-side is that steps rather than escalators and lifts was the technology of the day when the stations were built so getting from platform 1 to platform 6 is a very labour intensive exercise with two Bromptons and two trailers.

Next stop Paris, and then the big decision … do we turn right or left at Paris? Everything has been planned so far but Paris is our proverbial ‘cliff edge’ … from here we launch in to proper, grown up, spontaneous travel … wish us luck!

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