Unfortunately, the weather has not yet cleared up and has in fact got colder and windier … although the thunderstorms have abated, which is a blessing at any rate! Due to these rather unpleasant conditions, and the consequent onset of serious marital disharmony that threatened the entire ‘gap year’ mission, we have temporarily aborted the camping and have found a very nice Airbnb place in Tours for a couple of days of civilisation … warmth and a bed.

Having the relative luxury of a chair and table, I though I’d fill you in on our stats so far because I have a rather nifty computer on my bike and all the cycling books I have read seem to do this. I am also thinking about plotting our route on a Google map … if I can get the wifi working!

So here goes …

We did quite a bit of touring around Paris on our bikes but I only started recording the stats once we started down the Loire, so mark Paris down as ‘some’.

Olivet to Orleans then Combleux and back to Olivet (we stayed 2 nights in a lovely campsite, Olivet Municipal campsite)

Distance: 30km

Olivet to campsite just outside Mer at Muides sur Loire (stayed 1 night in 5 star campsite, Château des Marais)

Trip distance: 48km
Time: 3:40 mins
Max speed: 29km/h
Average speed: 12km/h
Total odometer distance (since fitting to Brompton in UK): 201km

Muides sur Loire to Candé sur Breuvrons (stayed 2 nights in cabin at Le Grand Tortue)

Trip distance: 49km
Time: 4:00 mins
Max speed: 27km/h
Average speed: 12km/h
Total odometer distance: 250km

Candé sur Breuvrons to Blois and back

Trip distance: 27km
Time: 2:32 mins
Max speed: 27km/h
Average speed: 11km/h
Total odometer distance: 276km

Candé sur Breuvrons to La Ville aux Dames (stayed 1 night in very basic campsite – Les Acacias – not great)

Trip distance: 45km
Time: 3:45 mins
Max speed: 30km/h
Average speed: 12km/h
Total odometer distance: 321km

La Ville aux Dames to Tours (2 nights in very nice Airbnb accommodation)

Trip distance: 7km

Once we reached our accommodation today, we popped into Tours to find a bike shop as Mark has had quite a nasty noise coming from his bike for the last couple of days and I have a squeak in my crank which requires a bit of oil, I think – perhaps Bromptons aren’t comfortable with torrential rain and thunderstorms either!

Our other problem was that our Opinel knife (a wonderful piece of equipment) had got stuck in the handle and wouldn’t come out. We took it into a knife shop and explained our problem and the very kind French man behind the counter explained that you needed to hit it against something solid to get the blade out, hence the small flattened area on the handle. He promptly whacked it quite hard on the counter and low and behold the blade obeyed … he simply said “it’s French” to explain the procedure! So now we know!

The Husband must have some French Opinel blood in his veins because his solution to most mechanical problems is to hit the uncooperative beast with anything that comes to hand!

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  1. Aha! So the true meaning of the Gallic shrug is finally revealed! Hit it and hope! Have suspected something along those lines for some years, so feeling strangely satisfied with the “conclusive” evidence.
    Have fun in the countryside of Europe & here’s to you both re-discovering your team spirit (blustery though it may be am sure you’ll get there) xx


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