October 1, 2014

The Netherlands (part one)

Here is the beginning of our most fabulous Netherlands experience …

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  1. Personally I think the woman with the large shopping bag could have easily justified an “Urban Assault Vehicle” aka an SUV

    • Yes. But in these parts is called a cargo bike or a bakfiets (box bike) and they usually have a couple of kids in there … and a dog …

  2. Ahh bike heaven! Will Auckland ever achieve it? You two have set a new sartorial standard for cycle tourists. No bulgy panniers or bits and pieces tucked in here and there. I think if I had the e conversion on my Brompton and a trailer I wouldn’t need a car.

    • Thanks Barbara. Personally, I don’t think Auckland will ever achieve this but hey, who knows! The electric Bromptons and trailers are magnificent pieces of kit and have been fabulous but unfortunately the Husbands electric has stopped working so he is all leg power until we can get it back to the suppliers 🙂 Luckily, he now has magnificent thighs so is doing fine. I can see that they will be amazing beasts to have in the apartment in Auckland … I shall of course video major haulage events such as trips to Placemakers or Resenes!

  3. I’m pleased to see no helmets and no helmet law in The Netherlands
    These silly looking helmets put most put most people off cycling and don’t improve safety in Australia and New Zealand, where there are compulsory helmet laws for adults and children.
    Bicycle helmets can not protect you from serious injury or death.
    Bike share schemes can not operate successfully in countries and states with mandatory bicycle helmet laws.

    • Yes, totally agree. I can’t say I’m looking forward to being a criminal again … but needs must I suppose …. I will once again join the criminal fraternity in Auckland in March 2015 😦


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