I thought I would show you our camp setup so I have put together a video of our transportable ‘home sweet home’ with all our equipment.


A couple of things I forgot to mention on the video:

  • In my front bag, the black area you can see at the bottom when I take out my rain jacket is the battery for my bike.
  • The other thing that goes in my front bag is my camera …. obviously, I am filming with it so that is why you can’t see it!
  • We also have a very small orange dry bag that contains our toilet rolls, which doesn’t seem to appear on the video.
  • Inside our duffle bags we have 3 or 4 packing cubes – tops, bottoms, and underwear (plus an ‘evening wear’ cube for me); Crocks to wear around camp and either our winter boots or summer shoes (depending on what we have on our feet); down jackets; wash bags and personal items; our bedding – sleeping bag, Exped mat, and pillow; chargers for our bike batteries; and our technology – I have the Mac Air 11″ and the Husband carries all the cables and the plug adaptor. The Husband also generally carries around some sort of alcohol in his bag!
  • We also have the two Brompton bicycles that don’t seem to be on the video as the Husband was doing a little maintenance on them at the time.
  • Plus, I didn’t go through the Husbands front bag as you really need surgical gloves to do that sort of thing …. things go into that bag but never come out! I think he runs a sort of composting system in it.

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