There is big news coming 🙂 … so this has guilted me into finally finishing the video I have left over from our 2014 trip … what’s 3 years between friends? This video is from our month long stay in Nijmegen.

It’s peculiar that I reach this point in our video diary at the same time as the Brexit vote happens in the UK. This video is of our visit to Lille where we used to live in France. Living there was possible because of our EU passports. It now looks highly likely that this type of opportunity […]

I’m slow, but I will get there in the end … Here is another video from our trip in Europe. In this video, we opt for a roof over our heads as it was cold in November and Christmas is approaching.

Here’s the latest video from the Trip … just over a year late, but who’s counting 🙂

As time goes by, it gets harder to sit down and edit the videos of our trip … not because I’m doing other things now and can’t be bothered, but because it gets more painful to watch what we’re NOT doing anymore 😦 I have a great new job now but as they say “a bad day […]

Another wet-ish Saturday in Auckland and another video released into the digital world 🙂

Here is the second half of our trip along the river Inn through Germany and Austria …