Check out the first of our videos about the Trip …. Of course it would be great if you ‘liked’ it or commented and let us know what you think …. Sydney next stop!

There’s not been much progress on planning for the Trip this week as I have used all my none-working time for Christmas shopping, baking and decorating. I have slipped a little ‘Trip prep’ in where I can, however. I have added a little note in the Christmas cards to alert UK friends to our plans […]

Here we have another fine example of cyclopolitans in their natural habitat.

See how many things you can spot in this video that are illegal in your country and then ask yourself why … Why are these things illegal? Why don’t we have this many cyclopolitans? Why have we got high rates of¬†obesity¬†and health problems such as heart disease and asthma? Why can’t we cycle with dogs, […]