I read a post last week on the European Cyclists Federation website that said that the European Parliament’s Transport (TRAN) Committee are voting on wether to include the EuroVelo Network in the Trans-European Transport Network, which essentially would mean a bunch of money is provided to fund its completion. The figures are quite interesting and […]

Bivouac has a pretty descent sale on at the moment so we’ve pushed the big red ‘buy now’ button on two sleeping bags, sleeping mats and travel pillows. The technology has come a long way since the 90s and we’ve been blown away by the increase in comfort available. We’ve purchased sleeping mats that are […]

I’ve been giving some thought to a replacement backpack for the Trip. As you will remember, the old BC (before children) backpack had to be ‘retired’ due to irreparable wear and tear. I have done a bit of research and looked around a fair bit, and kept coming to the same conclusion with each potential […]

I received the following email from Mair of Sheffield Cycle Chic and it was so helpful and informative, that I thought I would put the whole thing up as a post for everyone else’s information (the text in the boxes below is from my original post). I’ve spent the last year stealing my other half’s Brompton and covered several hundred […]

Recently, I’ve been having some very strange cravings, an overwhelming desire to engage in activities that before now have never remotely appealed. So I thought I should come out of the closet and just confess…. I have a deep desire to stroll around stately houses and their gardens; appreciate their herbaceous borders, ogle at their […]

This week I bought some maps. It was quite hard to choose as there were so many permutations but in the end I decided to go with an overview of Europe map at 1cm = 30km (1:3,000,000) and two slightly finer grained maps at 1cm = 8km (1:800,000) covering Italy, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. […]

A few weeks ago I started a search for stylish yet practical waterproof clothing that would pack small for the trip. This has been a lot more difficult than one would imagine. Most of my google searches returned items that looked very much like ‘sport cycling’ clothing with all the standard ‘essential’ features of fluorescent […]

To date I have been preparing for the trip by looking at external requirements such as the bicycle and trailer, and the logistics of how it all might work. However, there is also the elephant in the room that I have so far avoided …. me. (I originally wrote me plus the Husband here but […]

Following on from my last post, I thought I would tackle our gear carrying problem and subsequent resolution. The Husband is not a small man. One could say that he is someone who enjoys the good things in life and consequently ‘lithe’ is not an adjective that springs to mind. The Bromptons have a weight […]

I thought it was about time I got down to the nitty gritty; grasped the nettle, as they say, and discuss the details of the bike. I have been saving this post … like a piece of chocolate that you know you have in the fridge but you’re waiting for that special moment … ok, that could […]