We have made some serious progress this weekend towards the trip. Rather than just mental plotting we actually did something! We decided to launch an expedition into the deepest recesses of our stored ‘stuff’. These are the boxes (and a couple of trunks) that used to be in the attic of our family home. When […]

I have come across several resources that list the clothing requirements for cycle touring. These generally list a capsule wardrobe (panier) of cycling specific, figure hugging items made of high tech fabric. Well actually, ‘figure hugging’ is a bit of an understatement, ‘spray on’ may be a better description. There are a few very scary […]

Having browsed a few travel books recently, my imagination has been captured not by any of the cycle touring books but instead by The Lord of the Rings. Being a New Zealander (I have the passport to prove it), I feel that this allegiance is quite apt and therefore Frodo and company shall be my […]

I’m a planner. Not in the professional sense but more from a personality perspective. I’ve always found that one of the nicest and most juicy parts of an adventure is the research and the planning; when everything is still a possibility, an option, an idea. So it will come as no surprise that I have […]

It is very exciting to be musing about returning to a more transient lifestyle. In the days BC (before children), and even through the children’s early years, we moved around a lot. Exploring different cities and countries in both hemispheres, finding the perfect brand of tea and the ideal sausage – two things that in […]

Following on from my initial post about ‘The Trip’ I came up with a cunning plan. I decided that I could gather together all of the posts I write on the topic to compile a best selling travel book and become uber famous and a millionaire as a result! Whilst waxing lyrical about my travel […]

Last week was a very interesting week for this particular cyclopolitan. I have had an idea nagging at me and rattling around in my head for some time in various forms and last week it crystalised into an actual plan. So here it is: At the end of 2013, the husband and I will embark […]