Definition of cyclopolitan

cy·clo·pol·i·tan  [sahy-kluh-pol-i-tn] p cyclopolitans


  1. a person who habitually uses a cycle for transport; does not dress specifically for cycling
  2. a pedestrian who uses a bicycle to increase efficiency and carrying capacity
  3. a person who is aware of global imperatives and embraces cyclopolitanism in his or her ideas, life, etc.
  4. a person who is free from car dependence or automobile-biased attachment


  1. having sophistication as a traveler
  2. of or characteristic of a cyclopolitan (n)
  3. at ease with or on pedal-driven wheeled transport
  4. having cycle-inclusive transport equality


Coined by Unity Finesmith 2012; cycle (from the Latin cyclus, meaning “cycle”, “circle” or “wheel”)  + politan (from the Greek Politan, meaning “city” or “Municipal”)


cy·clo·pol·i·tan·ism abstract noun [sahy-kluh-pol-i-tn-izm]
urban cycle movement occurring or growing in various parts of the world

Related forms

  • cy·clo·pol·i·tan·ise verb
  • cy·clo·pol·i·tan·ate adjective
  • cy·clo·pol·i·tan·ly adverb
  • non·cy·clo·pol·i·tan adjective, noun
  • un·cy·clo·pol·i·tan adjective


sophisticated, wheeled-pedestrian, forward-thinking, citizen-cyclist, well-traveled, tolerant, ‘cool’, bicycle-friendly


car-centric, parochial, closed-minded, backwards-thinking, limited, insular, narrow-minded, blinkered, conservative, boorish

Example of (hopefully) common usage

  • Copenhagen and Auckland are cyclopolitan cities.
  • Governments around the world are allocating funding to cyclopolitanise their towns and cities to mitigate increasing congestion and air pollution.
  • Amsterdam has a great deal of cyclopolitanate infrastructure.
  • Mark and Jenny are apartment dwellers in New York and are cyclopolitans.

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