Here is the second half of our trip along the river Inn through Germany and Austria … Advertisements

Today is very wet in Auckland so at long last I’ve got round to editing and uploading some more video from our ‘gap year’ on Bromptons …

So after our ‘holiday’ we headed over to Split, as predicted, and then after spending a couple of days checking out the town and meeting some lovely hosts in our Airbnb accommodation, we cycled up the coast to Zadir. We discovered that the Croatian transport people obviously went to the same school as the New […]

Part of preparing for the trip is the minimalisation of our belongings. If asked, I would have said that we didn’t have much stuff as we did a lot of downsizing 4 years ago when we left the large family home and garden and moved into the apartment. All garden equipment, outside paraphernalia and a […]

The blot thickness, as they say! I wrote a post over on Cycling in Auckland a while back about the possibility of helmet exemption in NZ through our ‘religious’ clause. During exploration of the subject matter, I was alerted to the church of the flying spaghetti monster  and it appears there have been developments, and […]