It feels like spring this weekend and we’re coming out of hibernation. We have been quietly working away on a couple of things and have done very well with the saving and loosing weight targets. I now have significantly more money and less husband than a few months ago – good result! We still have […]

To date I have been preparing for the trip by looking at external requirements such as the bicycle and trailer, and the logistics of how it all might work. However, there is also the elephant in the room that I have so far avoided …. me. (I originally wrote me plus the Husband here but […]

I thought it was about time I got down to the nitty gritty; grasped the nettle, as they say, and discuss the details of the bike. I have been saving this post … like a piece of chocolate that you know you have in the fridge but you’re waiting for that special moment … ok, that could […]

It is very exciting to be musing about returning to a more transient lifestyle. In the days BC (before children), and even through the children’s early years, we moved around a lot. Exploring different cities and countries in both hemispheres, finding the perfect brand of tea and the ideal sausage – two things that in […]