I thought I would show you our camp setup so I have put together a video of our transportable ‘home sweet home’ with all our equipment. p.s. A couple of things I forgot to mention on the video: In my front bag, the black area you can see at the bottom when I take out my rain […]

We have finished the ‘getting to Europe’ part of the Trip and are currently catching-up with family and friends. Consequently, we have been spending a large amount of time talking and eating with little time left over for writing on this website … so here’s a brief update. The big news is that we have […]

The website You might have noticed that the website looks a little different this week. This is because I have moved it. I decided that I didn’t want to be bothered with techy website headaches while we are away as I will probably be pretty occupied with coming to grips with our new ‘footloose and fancy free’ […]

I have recently found myself feeling a lot more .com than .co.nz, if you know what I mean. Before we settled in NZ, we always considered ourselves global citizens who did not really belong to any one country but who moved around to live in interesting places. If the city or country did not measure […]

I received the following email from Mair of Sheffield Cycle Chic and it was so helpful and informative, that I thought I would put the whole thing up as a post for everyone else’s information (the text in the boxes below is from my original post). I’ve spent the last year stealing my other half’s Brompton and covered several hundred […]

Recently, I’ve been having some very strange cravings, an overwhelming desire to engage in activities that before now have never remotely appealed. So I thought I should come out of the closet and just confess…. I have a deep desire to stroll around stately houses and their gardens; appreciate their herbaceous borders, ogle at their […]

I thought it was about time I got down to the nitty gritty; grasped the nettle, as they say, and discuss the details of the bike. I have been saving this post … like a piece of chocolate that you know you have in the fridge but you’re waiting for that special moment … ok, that could […]

It is very exciting to be musing about returning to a more transient lifestyle. In the days BC (before children), and even through the children’s early years, we moved around a lot. Exploring different cities and countries in both hemispheres, finding the perfect brand of tea and the ideal sausage – two things that in […]