‘The Husband’ has joined the creative endeavour that is this blog. Below is his inaugural post … Mere days away from departure on Cyclopolitans Trip 2.0 I managed to complete knitting my very first jumper! This had been 18 months in the making – but spurred on by the Etsy-like industry of The Wife who was frenziedly sewing […]

We’ve retreated indoors a bit with our Trip preparation on account of it being winter and all. But over the last couple of weeks, things have really kicked into action in an odd sort of way. I made a vague comment to the Husband about a new app that I’d been using to make my […]

I have come across several resources that list the clothing requirements for cycle touring. These generally list a capsule wardrobe (panier) of cycling specific, figure hugging items made of high tech fabric. Well actually, ‘figure hugging’ is a bit of an understatement, ‘spray on’ may be a better description. There are a few very scary […]