Here is the video about the wet part of our trip …

I’m writing this overlooking a French allotment (for those in NZ, this is a patch of ground rented by a person to grow vegetables. The allotment is clustered with other allotments in a sort of community garden situation, but the produce of each allotment belongs to the renter of that allotment … although produce is […]

Here is our video from Hawaii: Helmets are optional for all two wheeled vehicles … bicycles, mopeds and motorcycles. There were also an awful lot of mobility vehicles about … you can even rent them for your stay. I suggested that the Husband and I rented a couple just for the full Hawaiian experience but […]

A friend alerted me to this video the other day. It is about some people touring in the Netherlands at Easter, and interestingly one of them has the same Brompton/Radical trailer set up we are intending to use. The accompanying post also mentions the freezing weather with days hovering around 0C and the nights at -5C. It’s […]

A bunch of cyclopolitans getting away from it all … Watch video Makes you just want to get on your bike and ride … and then keep going!

The blot thickness, as they say! I wrote a post over on Cycling in Auckland a while back about the possibility of helmet exemption in NZ through our ‘religious’ clause. During exploration of the subject matter, I was alerted to the church of the flying spaghetti monster  and it appears there have been developments, and […]

Here we have another fine example of cyclopolitans in their natural habitat.

See how many things you can spot in this video that are illegal in your country and then ask yourself why … Why are these things illegal? Why don’t we have this many cyclopolitans? Why have we got high rates of obesity and health problems such as heart disease and asthma? Why can’t we cycle with dogs, […]

Here is an example of a cyclopolitanised town. Houten, has been developed with the cyclopolitan at the top of the list rather than the motorist. Take careful note of the variety of cyclopolitanate infrastructure solutions.